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An incredible surfing site

Capbreton Gouf, a unique submarine canyon, shapes the coastline and creates an exceptional place for surfing, recognized by surfers the world over.

Come and experience it for yourself!

La jetée et le phare de Capbreton, avec l’Océan atlantique en arrière-plan.

The specificities of surfing
in Capbreton, Hossegor and Seignosse

A unique setting

An aerial view of Capbreton’s Gouf, a unique submarine cayon.
© Capbreton Tourism Office

For several decades, the four Landes communes have been attracting surfers from all over the world. Most often for a trip, sometimes to settle down permanently. It is a cosmopolitan place where you can meet surfers of many nationalities all year round.

They don’t come here by chance. The configuration of the coastline is exceptional.

On this topic, I invite you to read the works of the writer and poet Hugo Verlomme from Capbreton, a keen “man of the sea” who recounts in details the geological history of Capbreton’s Gouf.

The Gouf is an underwater canyon (bigger than Colorado’s Grand Canyon!) originating in the direction of the exit of the Capbreton harbor—which explains the choice of the harbor location. Those deep waters act on the swell and distribute it differently on the beaches of Capbreton, Hossegor and Seignosse.

You just need a look at the picture to realize the difference in size between waves at the same time at the La Nord spot with 4 meters waves and the spots of Le Prévent and La Savane (Santocha) with waves only half as big!

To put it simply, the beaches of Seignosse receive the swell launched at full speed.

Beaches in Hossegor transform it and magnify it, based on its orientation and the tide, (spots of La Nord and La Gravière) and filter it, lessening it (spots of La Sud and Notre Dame de Capbreton just north of the port exit).

The beaches of Capbreton are gradually giving back its size to the original swell, starting from the harbor and going south: some spots are very protected, such as those of the Estacade and the Central beach, then the waves regain their size between the Prévent and the Blockhaus de la Piste, and regain much of their original strength starting from the beach of Océanides

An exceptional environment

This geological jackpot located in front of a giant wave dispenser, the Atlantic Ocean, is the reason for the diversity of spots and surfing possibilities offered within a 10 km radius.

Capbreton especially offers conditions that allow surfing all year round no matter the size of the waves. Find out more!

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