Friends, waves, and fun!

Surfing with friends forges bonds and creates unforgettable memories. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer, you know what to do this summer!

Un adolescent debout sur sa planche de surf lève le bras en signe de victoire.

Get in the water, teenagers!


5-session package for teens
Un adolescent debout sur une planche de surf, en train de surfer une petite vague.
How does it work?

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The future of surfing

For girls!

We usually welcome more girls than boys to our surf sessions!

They have all the natural qualities that make learning to surf a breeze: a sense of balance, light footing, and the ability to listen to advice!

Girls are the future of surfing, so come and give it a try!

Une adolescente marche sur la plage en tenant sa planche de surf sous le bras.
Un adolescent tient sa planche de surf sous le bras sur la plage.
Gliding enthusiasts-approved

And boys!

Surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding… the boys are often all into board activities!

And surfing is the best: unique sensations in a fast-moving environment!

Teenagers have a huge margin for improvement: now’s the time to take the plunge!

Tailored to each student’s level

Meet the waves

We choose waves to suit everyone’s level.

Beginners train in moss or small waves.

Advanced surfers who want even more thrills can opt for SURFARI or COACHING VIDEO, and set off in search of the best surf spots!

Une adolescente, de dos, surfe une belle vague pleine d'écume debout sur sa planche.
Deux adolescents discutent sur la plage tout en apprenant à se relever sur leur planche de surf.
A sport, but not only


Discovering surfing as part of a group is an unforgettable moment of shared emotions and thrills.

There’s nothing like a good surf session with friends. Capbreton Surfer is also the start of new encounters!

TEEN of the year

Julie, vice-champion of the Landes!

Julie, la championne de Capbreton Surfer, tient sa planche sous le bras.
Julie, la championne de Capbreton Surfer, en train de surfer.

It’s a story just like in the movies. The heroine arrives from the mountains to spend the summer in the waves. She learns to surf with us for a month in July, and over a few weekends… and as the seasons go by, she improves and, above all, becomes passionate about surfing.

Julie is a champion. First in skiing, where she has always been a competitor in her club at La Mongie. Then this year, after a week’s surfing in the Basque country with the Capbreton Surfer team, I encouraged Julie to try her luck in competition.

She won the first stage of the Landes championship. She went on to win podium after podium, all the way to the French championship, where she finished 3rd.

The federation is now keeping an eye on her… And rightly so, Julie has everything it takes to be a success: an accomplished sportswoman, intelligent, passionate and with great parents…

Well done for your season Julie… the next ones will be even better!

Un adolescent de dos emmène sa planche de surf vers les vagues.
Special equipment

Safety & comfort

Available option

Surf Passport

“I can get a certificate for my knowledge: I’m prepared.”

Passing the French Surfing Federation tests, “Première Mousse” level:

Discover the first sensations of surfing, letting yourself be carried along by foam standing on a board.

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A quality experience

The Capbreton Surfer guarantee

For us, surfing is more than a sport: it’s a passion that we love to pass on. That’s why our aim is to offer you not only the best training, but also the best experience.

As proof of our commitment to excellence, we are the only surf school in Capbreton to be awarded both the French Surfing Federation’s Quality label and the French government’s Tourism Quality label.

And we go even further: we only charge you for lessons actually taken. This means that in the event of absence or impractical conditions, lessons are postponed or refunded.

We’re also here to listen, with a satisfaction form for your feedback.

That’s what it means to be attentive to your satisfaction 😉