The school is open every day 10h–18h from April to November. Call us to book or ask any question!

Lessons for every level

No matter your level, we’re here to help you discover or perfect your surfing skills!

Une jeune femme se tient debout sur sa planche de sourire, et sourit et fait un signe avec les mains à la caméra.

Everybody can surf!

Sessions starting at 33€
5-session package for teens or adults

That’s how much fun a surfing lesson is, as a family or among friends.

Many thanks to the surfers, the stars of this saga on waves.

A slice of life immortalized, props to the champions!!! 💪🏄‍♂️✌️🏖🌴

Just starting out?

Learning to surf is accessible to all.

You’ll quickly learn the first moves to ride small waves or foam.

You’ll discover unique sensations with a professional to guide you.

You’ll get to know the Atlantic waves and the rules of surfing.

Une fille fait du surf allongée sur sa planche à Capbreton, et regarde en direction de la caméra.

First session objective

Course objective

Un garçon qui fait du surf à Capbreton est en train de se relever sur sa planche de surf.

Are you an intermediate rider?

You have the basics of standing up, at least in part, and you want to progress in small waves.

Glide time is an important factor. The instructor will position you and help you optimize your wave catching.

You’ll improve both your technique and your knowledge of the ocean environment.

Our recommandation:

Un adolescent fait du surf debout sur sa planche à Capbreton.

First session objective

Course objective

Une adolescente fait du surf debout sur sa planche à Capbreton.

Are you an experienced surfer looking to accelerate?

Take-off is mastered, and you’re looking to control your trajectories in order to relaunch yourself and follow the wave over the longest distance.

The instructor will help you choose the right waves and give you the confidence to ride spots more suited to your level.

Our recommandation:


Un homme et une femme attendent l’arrivée de la vague, assis sur leur planche de surf dans l’eau.

First session objective

Course objective

Expert surfer?

You’ve mastered the basic surfing maneuvers and you’re looking for even more thrills.

Individual coaching with video photo sessions and regular training sessions will enable you to live your passion to the fullest.

Our recommandation:

Un adolescent en combinaison noire surfe sur une grosse vague au cours d’un surfari.
Un moniteur de l’école Capbreton Surfer School donne un cours particulier à une jeune fille qui apprend à se tenir debout sur sa planche de surf.

And even more with Capbreton Surfer...

Special Kids !

Capbreton Surfer is the place to be for kids, with a surf package perfect for children under 9!

Un enfant tient sa planche au-dessus de sa tête sur la plage, au bord de l’eau. Il regarde la caméra et sourit.

Earning your trust makes us proud

At Capbreton Surfer, our goal is to make you enjoy unforgettable moments, and to transmit our passion for surfing to you.

So before you order, feel free to read more about what we offer, and the school!

You will find all the information you need to know about our courses, the school itself, surfing in Capbreton, our satisfaction guarantee, and our frequently asked questions to decide if you want to come surf with us. 🏄

And, if you still have questions or want to make a booking by phone, we’re just a phone call away. 😉