EFS Quality Charter

The “Ecole Française de Surf” (French Surfing School) label is awarded by the French Surfing Federation to facilities that respect the Environmental Charter for Surf Schools, and are committed to meeting quality criteria.

That’s us!

Un groupe de jeunes marche sur la plage en direction de l’océan, une planche de surf sous le bras.

Committed to it

The French Surfing School quality charter

A legal environment

  • Registered with administrative authorities as a sports establishment
  • Authorization from the mayor to use the beach
  • Informing participants of insurance terms and conditions
  • FFS-licensed instructors, photocopy of each instructor’s license
  • Prices of services displayed
  • Display of diplomas, qualifications and professional cards
  • Display of safety plan and emergency numbers
  • Display of the structure’s internal regulations
  • EFS Quality Charter displayed

Activity supervision - Safety

  • Creation of homogeneous groups
  • Choice of spots adapted to student level and sea conditions
  • Compliance with maximum number of students per instructor
  • Equipment adapted to the characteristics of the group
  • Students systematically identified with colored lycras
  • Instructor easily recognizable with specific instructor clothing: lycra, jacket, wetsuit
  • First-aid equipment available close to the instructor
  • Warning equipment available
  • Compliance with surfing regulations, practice zones and beach allocations.
  • Compliance with local red flag regulations
  • Activities systematically suspended in stormy weather


  • Instructor behavior: irreproachable conduct, dress and language of instructors
  • Services adapted to public demand
  • Teaching adapted to different types of public
  • Adapted activities for young people
  • Introduction by the instructor to the practice area and its potential hazards, prior to any water entry
  • Presentation by the instructor of appropriate safety instructions before any water entry
  • Individualized teaching
  • Demonstrations by the instructor of the movements to be performed
  • Compliance with FFS teaching progression
  • Teaching students to respect the rules of practice
  • Issue of EFS passports
  • Teaching autonomy in the ocean
  • Environmental protection teaching
  • Awareness of protection against solar radiation

Reception, information for the public

  • Quality of hospitality
  • Information for the public outside opening hours
  • General customer information
  • Attractive, comprehensive communication materials (leaflets, flyers, …)
  • Attractive, polished website
  • Presence of the EFS Label logo on the facility’s communication media

Reception facilities and equipment

  • Premises easily identifiable by the public: flag, banner, signage
  • Cleanliness of premises and facilities
  • Storage facilities for students’ clothing
  • Showers and sanitary facilities nearby
  • Isothermal equipment clean and in good condition
  • Easily accessible equipment for storing isothermal equipment on gantries for quick access

Surfing, in the best possible conditions

We’re committed to always providing you with a quality experience.

And if you’d like to find out more about our rules and commitments, take a look at our Ecosurf recommendations or our Surfing Practice Rules!