The best age to start!

Our children’s courses are specially adapted to the needs of younger children, so that they can start surfing in the best possible conditions. Introduce them to the joys of the beach!

Un petit garçon fait du surf debout à Capbreton.

Between 6 and 9:

“This summer,
I’m learning to surf!”

5-session package for kids
Un garçon allongé sur sa planche de surf en eau peu profonde.
How does it work?

Course details

Water-based monitor

Designed for children

Un moniteur de surf donne des conseils à un groupe d’enfants, dans l’eau.
Un garçon et une fillette font du surf en eau peu profonde.
Easy, suitable conditions

Standing in the water

Rapid progress

I learn fast,
and I have fun

Une fille tient debout sur sa planche de surf.
Un groupe d’enfants tient leur planche de surf debout sur la plage.
Special equipment

Safety & comfort

Available option

Surf Passport

“I can get a certificate for my knowledge: I’m prepared.”

Passing the French Surfing Federation tests, “Première Mousse” level:

Discover the first sensations of surfing, letting yourself be carried along by foam standing on a board.

More info:

A quality experience

The Capbreton Surfer guarantee

For us, surfing is more than a sport: it’s a passion that we love to pass on. That’s why our aim is to offer you not only the best training, but also the best experience.

As proof of our commitment to excellence, we are the only surf school in Capbreton to be awarded both the French Surfing Federation’s Quality label and the French government’s Tourism Quality label.

And we go even further: we only charge you for lessons actually taken. This means that in the event of absence or impractical conditions, lessons are postponed or refunded.

We’re also here to listen, with a satisfaction form for your feedback.

That’s what it means to be attentive to your satisfaction 😉