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Ecosurf — 
Simple gestures for the planet

The ocean is essential for surfing and life… and our resources are not unlimited.
Every gesture counts!

Une vague qui avance de la droite vers la gauche est sur le point de se briser.

Let's be eco-citizens!



My surf sessions

  • Respect others
  • Report any pollution
  • Use marked trails and follow posted instructions
  • Dispose of waste in the garbage cans
  • Prefer second-hand circuits when buying or selling equipment
  • Choose organic products: eco-designed boards, organic wax…
  • Maintain your surfing equipment to extend its lifespan

For my purchases

  • Prefer refillable products
  • Give preference to local, seasonal products from reasonable agriculture
  • Prefer products with little or no packaging
  • Prefer products with low energy consumption

My trips

  • Use light modes of transportation for short distances: bicycles, rollerblades, public transport…
  • Take the train rather than the plane for medium-distance journeys
  • By car: choose car pooling
  • Reduce speed, prefer “green” vehicles

At school, at home

  • Sort and limit waste production
  • Optimize energy consumption: turn off appliances rather than leaving them on standby, use energy-efficient or rechargeable products
  • Recycle waste: compost organic waste
  • Don’t waste drinking water
Michel Bourez, un surfeur professionnel français, surfe un tube.
© WSL et FFSurf

Michel Bourez, Tahitian Pro Surfer, is the example to follow:
Super athlete, super friendly and super green!

Surfing, an art of living

These tips are geared towards the future, and our children. They reflect our philosophy about surfing, but also about life in general. More than just a sport, surfing is about breathing in nature, living together and sharing values.

Find out more about our Surfing Rules and the EFS Quality Charter—in other words, why Capbreton Surfer is a quality school with strong values.

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